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I create my projects taking into consideration many points of view. I believe that creativity springs from everywhere. Most of the time, I feel like I really want to catch an instant - a fleeting picture of something
that is still happening. At times, it can be difficult to frame a sequence; contain a set of actions; materialize a part of our inner world. A funny
world, which is for us, not so simple to understand and to control. Control, control. That is the key word. The fear of not to be...IN CONTROL.

Why shouldn't we get rid of this desire to be in control all the time and see if we can still make it. See if we can overcome our inner fears, continue to
carry on unfettered through life and still come out happily satisfied...

My work aims to blend abstract and recognizable forms, to mix different colors and to stimulate and confuse the viewer. I hope that my work is a challenge to the perceptions of the viewer, subconsciously encouraging them to think
slightly more deeply than usual