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Edna Michaeli

Edna Michaeli was born and raised in an Israeli Kibbutz. From an early age, she was inspired by her surroundings, the fascinating Galilee Mountain scenery of Northern Israel. As a child, she was already having a silent dialogue with nature. Edna was greatly inspired by her art teacher Jean Maier, a well-known Israeli Ceramic artist.

As a young woman, Edna was involved in high school athletics, military service, and professional dancing. These experiences, along with rearing three children, inspired her love of and ability to understand the movement and beauty of the human body. Edna studied figure drawing at the School of Fine Art in NYC in the early 1970’s and at the University of Miami, under the instruction of Eugene Massin.

Edna has resided with her family in South Florida for the last 28 years. Growing up in the Middle East and living in Florida instill the love for diversity of colors, shapes and objects in her art. In addition, studying and practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism created a very important building block in her growth and love for Asian art.

The tropical weather and landscape of Miami moved Edna to experiment with acrylic and oil paint. All of Edna’s life experiences have influenced her development into the artist she is today.

“When I look at the skies, the trees and my surrounding environment, my heart is filled with overwhelming emotions and thoughts about the mystic law of life, and how everything is interconnected. The power, beauty, and harmony that nature exhibits are what we need to see, understand and learn that it is within us as well.”-Edna Michaeli

“I use the elements: water, gravity, and wind as ’brushes’ in my abstract non-subjective paintings. In my figure drawings and digital work I attempt to show the human aspect as well as the beauty, life force, energy and movement ….and I love Van Gogh, Egon Schiele and Picasso” -Edna Michaeli
“Art is the liberation of the humanity inside of you.” -Daisaku Ikeda

“To feel, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. It is to be, before an artist, a human being.” -Auguste Rodin