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Jaime Camacho

My true love is painting. I grew up surrounded by Art. My grandfather was a sculptor and painter. His pieces were my inspiration, my departure point. Figurative art always intrigued me, invited me to enter a new world ready to be created.

During my formation as an architect I studied art history and admired how the talent of an artist can actually capture the emotions and personality of a human being and in accomplishing this be able to tell much more about the moment in history, the place, the culture in all a piece of life that could be preserved forever.

My work has shown the development of my own views, my way of seeing the beauty and how the drawing, color, light and texture can convey the experience of being alone with the beautiful eyes of the model that can have a mute conversation and let you feel anything because feeling is all what matters.

The visual experiences I search this time is beyond the pure contemplation and suggest how a body is capture by composition lines that generates angles, establish tension and relationships with other areas that are also decomposed, disarranged, divided in colored portions that follow a decided patron.

A human body, its pose, its background propose the environment in which a distinctive composition generated by lines, or soft color stablishes limits and also encompass, unite, as love does. True love can become that duality of emotions. This is my search, this is the way I access and propose the visual experience for the world’s eyes.