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Beige Wishart

The year 2001 was an important year in many ways. Beige Wishart quit her job to devote herself full time to art. It was also the year that changed life for everyone in the United States of America. After the dark days of September, Beige set out to paint all the ideas that had been waiting for years o be put to canvas, but the creative mind went into another direction.

Among all the darkness some things are always here for us to see the beauty and wonder of life. These abstract minimalist oil paintings are a homage to honor all the light and color that surrounds us in the midst of any darkness.

The paintings helped all the negativity around Beige, but then all the art training became evident. The pleasure of dragging a loaded brush across the canvas, blending gradations of colors, contrast, relativity of color, honoring the mathematical precision of nature and using the mind and emotion to create an image.

These paintings reflect the last four years of work, one painting suggesting the next as if the universe honors the thankfulness of this humble artist’s appreciation of life.