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Nelson Suarez

Nelson Suarez was born in Guantanamo, Cuba and for many years lived in Southern Mexico. Ever since he can remember he has been a musician and a painter.

Since 1974 he's been studying Toltec Teachings and in the past he has participated in several Toltec spiritual seminars with Mexican Nagual Victor Sanchez who followed the teachings of the Nagual Don Juan Matus, as described in the works of the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda.

While visiting the old Mayan pyramids of Chichen-Itza and Palenque in Yucatan, Mexico, he suffered from a severe fever that lasted for several days and in his hallucinations he felt that he had connected with something he calls "The Spirit of Palenque". The paintings in exhibit at "Art Fusion Galleries" are the result of these meetings with "The Spirit of Palenque".