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Elena Naimushina

At first there was nothing. Than the light filled up our world with colors.

My name is Elena Naimushina and I’m the artist.
Before creating a painting I’m deeply sinking into emotional and mental experiences of a journey in my imagination. Than I’m making sketches of images that I’ve collected out there. I use only pure inspiration in my art process. But before they alive I have to give them a touch of color.

From my early years I knew that I’ll be an artist. I stared to learn an Academicals Arts at age 5. One of my paintings was selected to be shown in a capital of Ural at City Hall on my 13th birthday. I got my master degree of Arts and History in Moscow, Russia.
Being an art director of Alive Canvases I started to travel around the world. My first personal exhibition was in Thailand in 2012, than in Paris in 2014 and Bali on year 2015.

I began to participate in Art Exhibitions and Competitions Since 2007. I’m painting portraits, genre paintings, landscapes, still life, sketches from the life. My works in the technique of acrylic painting, oil painting, and watercolors.

In 2010-2016 I was travelled into Asia and created a big series of paintings and sketches on themes of the East. Subsequently the leading theme of my work became the image of women to be disclosed primarily in the genre of portrait.

Over the years, I am combined my creative activities with pedagogical work. I was taught in a Summer camp for kids in Yekaterinburg, then in the Art School in Moscow.

- Awarded 1st place “Union of Russian Artists”
- Awarded 1st place the title of a “Young Artist” of Russian Federation in Moscow exhibition
- Awarded a medal for her contribution to the development of “Culture and Science” in Russia
- Awarded by diploma of first prix of International Creative Association “World of Art”
- Patented the “Virgo” sculpture.