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Alexandra Parker

Born in Higuey, Dominican Republic in 1994 Alexandra started painting and sculpting at a very young age. After winning artist of the year at age 11 she knew never wanted to put down her paint brush. Growing up her family traveled constantly. Her father introduced her to many different cultures of arts and sciences. Because of him she had a deep love and understanding of the world around her. He always helped her see things from different angles and perspectives, growing her creative mind and making her fascinated with everything that is ‘the unknown’. From the journey to the outer reaches of space to the plummets of the depths of our unexplored oceans.

These unanswered questions of the universe led her to a journey of discovery. Not only to the discovery of herself but also to her discovery of bioluminescent creatures, the hidden biofluorescence of coral reefs, minerals, and the unpredictable curves and events of outer space. These influential images inspired the beginning of her professional art career.

She has then created neon- luminescent three dimensional creations as tribute to the wonderful wonders of the hidden worlds around us. Spreading a message of environmental protection to preserve not only her biggest inspiration in life but also what would be the future inspiration for many generations to come

It is her mission to create awareness through aesthetic and astonishment, by creating larger than life, vivid installations, murals and sculptures. Being completely self taught Alexandra embarks every new piece as an experimental roller coaster conducted by the blueprints of Mother Earth. Using mostly acrylic and foam based material she is not limited to any medium and welcomes new elements, new ideas and new limits.

Alexandra’s work is a reflection of her fascination and appreciation for the natural universe. She plans to make a difference in the world through the timeless expression of art and creation.

Artistic Statement

Everyday i go about life realizing how lucky we are
to be alive in a world teeming with beauty.
Baffled by the fact that we could be so privileged
to have an opportunity to exist in a one in an endless number
of possibilities,
that we call life.
It is the most beautiful gift we shall ever have
and we should cherish and honor it
by any way we know possible.
Share with others the treasures that we discover,
the love that we feel, and the heartaches we host.
For this reason I have become an artist.
To become a part of the miracle of existence.
To ride the waves of time and the universe with my paintbrush
touching the souls of others on the way.
To pierce through confines of suppression
and open up the beauty of the world not only to myself
but to my audience.