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Originally from the “Big Easy,” I relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, at age 26, one year before Hurricane Katrina. I was away from my family and the city I called home. Through all the difficulties we face in this life, I found peace in painting. Self-taught, I have been painting abstracts for approximately one year. My art work is personal to me, and each piece is special and significant.

Artist Statement

"Painting abstract art is a way for me to release tension. It is therapy for my soul. My intention is to convey what I am personally experiencing at a particular moment. As a person who suffers with anxiety, painting signifies hope, joy, and freedom from all the negative aspects I face in this life. I prefer to feel free and at peace with every stroke of paint I place on my canvas...

I use acrylic paint simply because of its fast drying aspect, as well as gel mediums, resin sand, and modeling paste to capture texture in my movements."

Melissa Osburg