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BD Richardson

About the Artist:

BD Richardson is a Maryland resident whose works have won awards and been featured nationally and internationally. Born in Washington, D.C., she attended George Washington University (B.A.) and American University (M.A.). In 1980, she was part of a woman’s press group trip to China at a time when the country had just cracked the door to the West; her photos from this period of Chinese history are of a China which will never again exist. Marrying an Army officer, life took her to live in Paris and West Point, NY, for several years before returning to Montgomery County (Maryland) to start a business and family. It was at the U.S. Embassy in Paris in the early 1980s where she had her first photography exhibit. Her photographs have also appeared in various books and national magazines.

An avid photographer since college, Richardson began experimenting several years ago combining photography, both film and digital, with mixed media. She is currently pursuing printing images on film and transferring the film image to aged metal using an emulsion transfer method. The transfers are done totally by hand and each is unique. Her work is available on a variety of substrates, from the above-described metal to high-grade acrylic to fine art papers, canvas and wood.

Multiple Visions:

Richardson’s photographic range attests to her passion. Recent and ongoing bodies of work include “Vanishing,” a black and white series documenting the iconic yet disappearing rural landscapes of North America; “Impressions,” a dynamic melange of color and movement; “Road Trips,” featuring a rich panoply of vintage vehicles put out to pasture, yet laden with countless memories. “H2 Oh!” explores our coasts, waterways and the fishing life, while “Hand to Mouth” documents the journey our food takes--from planting to kitchen to plate.