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Diana Whiley

Artist Biography

Diana spent much of her childhood immersed in the vivid landscape of the Southern Australian countryside with its red-orange hills and white limestone. It inspired her love of color and interest in art. Her journey as an artist began as both an editor and contributor to a number of community art projects. Concurrently she furthered her skills with sketching, oils, pen and wash. Taught drawing but eventually turned to mixed media.

Diana states, “I am transformed by the creation of art and enjoy opening myself to new experiences. Other pieces of my art range from abstract, to still life but I do love a portrait.” Entering many on-line competitions she has had much success and won several awards including the following:

2015 Best In Competition, “Your Choice Award” at Exhibitions Without Walls.

1st Place in the “American Art Awards” Digital Category 2014.

She also appears in various International Contemporary Art Books as well as many “ Art And Beyond Publications”.

Artist Statement

“An avid reader of history and lover of science I love to create and respond to the effects time and place have had on us. My themes revolve around nature and music; both have transformative power over our body and psyche. In much of my artwork, I hope to evoke a sense of intimacy with the subject, a sense of ritual and ceremony...

I turned to mixed media while creating art for my fantasy novels. I love to explore myth and dreams and am heavily influenced by the Graphic Novels of Neil Gaiman and the various artists he collaborated with like David McKean. The narrative created between art and story is transformative and inspiring...

In several of my art series I looked back to the days of bards and Traveling shows. They roamed lands with their magic, music and theater; their performances eagerly awaited from season to season, from place to place. I tried to convey aspects of the mystery and spectacle of that past, and what it was like between times and reflection on what was seen...

A lover of the Old masters with the rich patina of their art I often begin with a dark background and add color as a focus on the meaning within the artwork. I try to imbue my art with texture and use strokes that indicate density and the sweep of movement. Movement is prevalent in music. I often respond to its myriad forms and find correlations in nature. I follow music’s trajectory through dance, theater and film which I often explore in portraits.”

Diana Whiley