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Douglas Gil


I believe that fine arts always speak through the transformation of matter. When I look at a surface, sometimes it takes me a long time before even drawing a line as I wait for it to connect in a vivid way to who I am, that is, my inner-being. Then, I feel like my inner voice speaks loudly to the surface with colorful emotions. People have often asked me to define my paintings. Yet, I think that it is something hard to express with words. Abstract forms and shapes, not springing from my intellect but rather from the deepest part of my soul, will tangibly and visually evoke the colors of fear, pain, love, and a mixture of human emotions with which everyone can feel identified and connected. It is then when I suddenly see myself surrendered to the power of creativity without doubting or questioning to the places where such an artistic epiphany will take me. Painting is probably the most rudimentary version of human communication, and yet, it works perfectly for me; for it communicates a vast world of meanings to all of us.