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Elisa Salas

About Elisa Salas

Elisa Salas is a multidisciplinary 28 year- old artist from Mexico city who has been inspired by more than one Muse of the Fine Arts. Specially she has dedicated herself to literature, music and drawing.

She started very young when she wrote a novel when she was only 12 years old and got it published 2 years later. She also published a book in Spain when she was 18. By the age of 22 she had written 6 books. This time, the writer is working on a third one. It will be called: “More than 100 postmodern calligrams”, where she proposes more than 100 ways to draw calligrams in the XXIt century. Topic which she discovered to be her voice and artistic proposal, since she turns her tweets and poems into drawings, using words instead of lines.

Her versatility reminds of the Renaissance e?poque where artists had so many interests in nature, human psychology and reinventing aesthetics forms of art starting from a classic approach. That is why it is not odd in her artistic trajectory that she already sculpted 2 stone master pieces: as a teenager a cantera sculpture in San Miguel de Allende’s Art Academy and the other in marble at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara in Italy, where she was a student of the sculptor Piero Marchetti. Elisa has a degree as a 3d animation artist and she was one of the youngest students at the SOGEM School of writers in Mexico city. She has won several philosophy, drawing, storytelling and poetry contests since she was a kid and also loves to create stop motion shortcuts since she was 11.

Her work has been exposed at the Gallic Art Show Room, Casa Blanca Gallery, The Hyller Art Space in Washington DC, Lincoln Parc's Gallery in Mexico's city, Conarte's room at Parque Fundidora Monterrey, The Women’s Museum in Mexico’s City downtown, Ethos Contemporary Art at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, among others. By the end of this year her calligrams will be exhibited at Baja California’s La Paz Cultural Gallery and Art Fusion Galleries in Miami's Wynwood Art District. Due to her innovating technique, the artist was interviewed by Reforma National Newspaper which also published a 5 minute interview with her.

Artist Statement

"While studying the twentieth century’s poetry, I met the bi-dimensional calligrams of Apollinaire and Mallarme?. Inquiring more about the subject, I discovered that their background lied on Chinese calligraphy, the Carmina Figuratum and Islamic pictorial legends, among others. Then I was amused by typewriter drawings made in the 70s by a Russian concrete poet and I decided to propose my own style to follow up the subject-matter in the XXIth Century...

There are so many antique civilizations that have intensified the meaning of the image language with the verbal one that I am aware I invented nothing; I give all my credit to them, illuminated minds. I only took on these great origins with humility and lead them to every end I could imagine...

That is why my artistic voice is postmodern and also classic: it integrates different art languages and digital techniques professing the aesthetics of distributing letters to play with visual codes. I gave myself to the task of handing shadows and lights to calligrams in order to grant them a visual deepness. Because while the language might create barriers, images are universal...

After all, metaphors are distinguished by it’s cryptical representation. Maybe because they not only talk about stories impossible to quieten, but also imposible to tell."