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Oliver Urbina


Contemporary painter Oliver Urbina was born in Granada, Nicaragua on February 23, 1988. He discovered a love for drawing at an early age. Oliver learned drawing by himself and his first drawings were popular cartoons of Walt Disney. Later Urbina's work began as a study in portraiture and landscape, often using a palate of intense, colors and abrasive textures.

Currently, Urbina has expanded his interests in using geometric abstraction in his work to juxtapose movement with music, history and pop culture. Taking inspiration from everyday life, Urbina uses geometry and texture to create patterns and arrangements that mimic stained-glass but retain a "painterly" quality in the work. In 2016 he did his first exhibit at Art Fusion Galleries. As of today, Oliver is exhibiting at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami Wynwood Art District, where he is currently being represented by William Braemer.

Artist Statement

"Having a talent is a gift of God and learn how to show it is a challenge. Being a famous painter is my dream to show my talent. Art is my world and the inspiration to create artworks is a joy. I thank God for the gift that he has given to me."

Oliver Urbina