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Herman Stel

About Herman Stel

Herman Stel (1959) born in the Netherlands is a autodidact when it comes to his painting. Contrasts in shapes and colors and drawing faces inspired from childhood always. After the millennium I started again with drawing and painting. First, animal figures and I have added the series of portraits later. This style, inspired by the desire to do something with emotions, people and faces, I combined with the colorful style where I painted already.

I work a lot with our eldest daughter Jorien, also an artist. She makes beautiful forms of paper art. We exhibit together in several places, mostly in the Netherlands but also in Copenhagen in 2015. Since the beginning of 2016 we started our own gallery, something we are very proud of. We regularly sell work, including to America. We note that our work is gaining prominence and therefore international interest is beginning to emerge. It's fun and inspiring to take part in exhibitions with my daughter and together to be his art. This father/daughter combination often produces nice reactions.

Artist Statement

"The portraits I create are characterized by a coloration of bright and intense colors which I combine this with emotion and expression of the face. My work consists of figurative art, portraits I call itself as a mix between the forms of pop art and color use street art. Sometimes I'm inspired by famous person but I almost always looking for something interesting in the expression. I plan the composition and colors but let me inspiration while painting a not fixed color palette, this creates intuitive and makes the connection with the emotion that I try to explain in the image. People and intuition play an important role in my life and are a major force in my work. Life itself inspires me. We ourselves are pieces of many emotions between joy and sorrow I try to pack in color and form into a portrait. In each work I find a part of myself. Portraits attract the attention of people and always make fun conversations and reactions. A painting is I feel successful when people are "caught" by the combination of the emotion and the intense color palette."