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Leah Devora

You may have seen Leah Devora’s striking and alluring art on TV … hanging on the sets of HBO's hit series, “Entourage,” as well as “E.R.,” “Without A Trace,” “West Wing,” and “Six Feet Under” – or maybe at the Arc Light Theater on Sunset Boulevard, where she had an exhibition of stars and celebrities on the walls between the movie theaters.

Her art is bold, exciting and beautiful. Leah states, “I get inspired by every day life situations that I encounter
and living in what was the original Old Hollywood neighborhood of the 1920s.” Leah works in mixed media, on canvas, on paper, mounted on wood, combining images of photography – manipulated and digitally painted on a computer, as well as with traditional oil and acrylic paints.

Leah states, “My biggest strength is the ability to visualize something from beginning to completion conceptually and then create my painting with a very honest vision. I’m a colorist and I really understand how to use color in my work as well as composition.” When Leah moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago, she was fascinated by all the freeways and especially shopping carts – appearing, disappearing, reappearing. From Silver Lake to Beverly Hills, shopping carts are scattered on front lawns, hanging out in groups, taking a rest on the front yard or even waiting at the bus stop. They are an indigenous part of the L.A. landscape. She integrates these images with those of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Leah states, “Some of my work comprises of imagery that I call the “Ghosts” of Los Angeles...Whether it be the abandoned shopping carts left on the sidewalks of Los Feliz or photos of silent film starlets, the energy of these displaced figurines haunt the neighborhoods of Hollywood of a past somewhat forgotten. The Ghosts that lie beneath the Hills, they walk among us...My landscapes are paintings that are the personification of these motifs, some of them I combine with the silhouettes of Old Hollywood movie stars and freeways.

She creates her artwork using graphic elements, news stories, digital media and oil painting techniques. Leah was born in Miami, Florida and grew up in the South, living in Atlanta then
moving on to New York, Chicago and San Francisco before coming to Los Angeles. “The urban landscape has been a central part of my life. Every city owns its own personality and aesthetic and has served as a looking glass into the past and future.