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Geraldine Vilato

Artist Statement

"The world is full of colors, lines and shapes. At an early age I discovered the beauty of art, in which I learn to express my self through lights, darks and daily colors as well as different tones that reflected my feelings and thoughts. I always saw our planet from a different point of view than everybody else. I’m constantly picturing things with more texture and more details changing the colors and sizes in my imagination...

I believe that art is definitely the most exiting way for me to be able to express myself and use my pieces as a representation of my beliefs and thoughts."

Artist Biography

Born in Maracaibo Venezuela. Geraldine Garcia began her professional career at an age in which other children are fantasizing about being superheroes when they grow up. Precocious, advanced, bright beyond her years and ahead of her time where common descriptions for the young TV Host whom at just 3 years of age was already entertaining audiences. Her shows “Fiesta Candy” and later “La Paila Caliente” kept her engaged in television until the age of 8. At which point her parents decided to immigrate from Venezuela to Miami, FL. Three years later, just as the new millennium rolled in, she once again attracted attention by becoming the youngest Radio Host in Florida at 11 years old.

Her show went on for four years, bringing about much success and developing her as a professional within the media and marketing industry. In 2005 she began working for Univision Network. Staying true to her leading character & enterprising personality she quickly escalated up the company ladder. Growing from producer to Network Operation Manager far ahead of the norm. While still managing her career in Univision, she graduated from DASH Design and Architecture Senior High, one of the most reputable art schools in the nation and later attended Miami International University of art and design where she continued her studies within the arts.

Shortly after, Geraldine realized a long time entrepreneurial dream in which to pour her creativity and experience, thus founding Chrome Red Corp in 2008. Today she works full time as the President and CEO of her company, managing a comprehensive portfolio of clients that continuously stretches her creativity. Geraldine balances her professional life by spending quality time with friends and family, most specifically her newest success and challenge, being married. Having been married in 2013, she now has the support of her husband, which together in 2015, extended their family by having a baby girl named Gabriela. Working hard on a daily basis, Geraldine continues to expand her vision of growing in her professional and personal life.