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Carlos Gonzalez


"Gzo" Carlos Gonzalez is a Cuban born artist raised in Miami. He began drawing at an early age and started experimenting with paints around 12 years old. He has always painted but his profession has been upon graduating from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale 28 years ago that of a Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist and Art Director for the Garment Industry.

Artist Statement

"First let me Thank You for taking the time to view my work! I am humbled and excited to share my work with all of you. I categorize my style as "Abstract Impressionistic", my paintings are very rich in color, high in energy, impacting in it's message and composition. I enjoy using broad brushstrokes and bright colors to create high energy and movements across the painting...

The challenge is to push dark and light colors and make work side by side to keep viewers eyes moving around the canvas...As an Artist and a Painter my goal is to grab your attention, hold your eyes in a stare get a good long look at what's before you. By then the colors and the motion created by the brushstrokes have organized a thought process that has revealed what the subject of the Painting means to you!

I believe Art is to be enjoyed and i would love for my paintings bring about a connection! with the viewer!I finish my statement with a quote, "Art is Not What you see, but what you make others see" by Edgar Degas