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Olaf Kohrsmeyer

Art Photography

Inspired by the beauty of our world!

Olaf Kohrsmeyer is a native German traveling the world with a curious mind and a creative eye. OK art photography binds these two characteristics and exposes the beauty of the world often missed by the common eye. As a talented photographer, Olaf’s ultimate passion is to share his gift and allow the viewer to see the beauty of the world through his eyes; refreshing the use of the viewer’s senses to truly understand the world that surrounds us all. To replicate the “common eye” a photograph may appear unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing; this allows viewers to understand how easy it is to commonly miss or misunderstand the beauty in realistic moments. However, like anything else, after given a chance to understand and admire such art, these “unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing images” begin to form into its true nature and those unrealistic details shift into reality.