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Oz believes that exploring the boundaries of life is the key to emotional freedom. He is a visual artist who was born in Colombia but immigrated to the United States at the age of twenty three. His involvement with the art world began when he was very young, in a home with an artist mother and an architect father.

He studied Design, Fine Arts and Architecture through the different stages of his life, but it wasn’t until he found the balance among his knowledge, skills, and passion that he honed his gift at visual art and now creates ‘Artphyc’ as he likes to call it.

As a visual artist, Oz merges two arts into one, mixing Photography and Concrete Canvas Art, creating a synergy where concrete can be reborn… evolving, taking shapes, and colors totally opposed to what it expressed in the photography. ‘Artphyc introduces a new way of seeing’ Oz says.

His works show his intense imagination and depths of spontaneity. The way in which the concrete is worked on the canvas is the symbolism of the real and the unreal, a dualism between both arts.

His most recent series "Concrete Evolution V.1" shows this duality, exposing the concrete’s natural beauty and reflecting issues of life and death in a contemporary culture.