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Andres Bardales

Artist Statement

"My work consists of using an old paper folding technique known as origami to create the basis of the pieces. However early in my career, my biggest struggle was to find a strategy in which I could add different mediums to this technique. Through the years of trial and error, my work has finally found sense and stability. The implementation of lines, repetition and geometric shapes is essential in my work...

The use of repetition not only adds a structural quality to the compositions, but also questions what time really means when one is lost in them. This artistic trance allows me to bring diverse sources from my background, culture and life experiences. Growing up in Colombia, I went through difficult situations that have taught me to look at things from many points of view. I also craved structure and organization in most of my work. For this reason, origami was a perfect outlet to show the audience my perspective. Bringing together different experiences and elements allows me to create unique pixelated images and abstract compositions that speak to an aesthetic that has become more recognized and used by artists in the post-internet era...

Incorporating recycled paper, newspaper, and old encyclopedias as the main material in my pieces gives new life to these sources of information. The canvas structure composed by paper cubes and the information concealed in them is as important as the work itself. All the information beneath my compositions are the major subject in my pieces, even still in an increasingly digital age where printed materials are slowly becoming obsolete. By transforming them in the work, they are given new relevancy without losing the printed wealth of knowledge."

Andres Bardales, 2015