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Larus Gallery

Larus Fashion Arthouse is not your regular art gallery. We feature a diverse group of artists that have achieved the perfect combination between professional experience and art education both in and out of school. We participate in different International Art Organizations and showcase our work in Museums and Galleries in Moscow, Russia. Each year, we create a themed collection of 10-15 pieces on a specific topic. The artists that we find and attract to our team inspire the themes. We are very proud of our artists’ achievements, and are pleased with our joint victory.

The founder of Larus Arthouse is Natalia Shvetsova-artist-designer. Natalia knows the importance of providing high quality artwork, that’s why she handpicks each piece thoroughly. The arts excite Natalia’s creativity and imagination, and this is the reason she decided to create the House together with her friend Lena Zubkova in 2011. "Let your mind wander freely" - a principle by which she aims to live by. Natalia is an artist of all trades; economist by day and a painter by night! She has a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Music, as well as an MBA in Economics. Both of her grandfathers were architects. A residential microcity in Moscow was built based on the thesis work of Vasily Shvetsov, Natalia’s grandfather. She is very proud of her ancestors.

All of the works follow art education standards (composition, rhythm, aesthetics, subordination, balance, etc). Each piece in the collection is one of a kind and sold with copyrights. The artwork is painted with oil on quality Italian canvas, and follows superior technical performance, observes correct proportions, materials, paints, thinners, varnishes and other chemical elements, allowing to sustain color and quality.

2015 is the year of Golf! Stay tuned for 2016 announcement!