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Nia Tavlarides Stratos

Artist’s Statement

“I prefer mental images that come from my imagination when I create a work of art. When I begin a painting, I am never quite sure how it will culminate. I paint feverishly, feeling each movement and step away to consider my results. The art work is complete when I have nothing left to say and can happen in an instant, it is instinctual. I love to paint to music and apply the paint in rhythm to what I am hearing. I work with all my senses. I am inspired by the simplest things. Color excites and motivates me - I love to transform the images in my head onto paper, canvas and other surfaces. I hope that as I share my imagination with you it will leave you feeling an emotion.”

Artist’s Biography

Native Washingtonian, Nia Tavlarides Stratos' natural artistic ability was evident in her youth. She was awarded a scholarship to The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, where her work was exhibited. Burlington Industries purchased her paintings to be used in textile design. She completed her studies at The University of Maryland where she participated in juried shows for painting and jewelry design. Her line of jewelry was sold to boutiques and department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. She later became a partner in a Washington, DC based advertising agency where her work garnered both regional and national awards.

Nia has participated in juried shows as well as many solo & group shows in galleries and institutions, including The Smithsonian, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, The Women’s National Democratic Club, Whittemore Museum, The Ritz Carlton, University of Maryland and George Mason University and now Art Fusion Galleries. She is a published fine artist, whose work is held in both private and corporate collections, including VISA Card Corporation.

She has mastered the use of color with palettes that range from harmonious, muted, conceptualizations to bold, iconoclastic expressions. She explores a rich synthesis of pattern and spatial composition, through various media. Nia feels each composition is a mosaic of elements demanding amalgamation. Every work of art provides a thoughtful vehicle to interpret texture and dimension and is an examination of color and style through the use of various media. Nia's work opens a window and reveals who she really is.