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Aileen Romano

Was born in Mexico City on December 26, 1980. Since an early age (10 years old) she began painting in different workshops. She graduated as a Graphic Designer at Universidad Anahuac de Mexico.

Soon after completing her studies, she resumed painting, as this is her passion in life. In November 2014, she ventured into sculpting, as it provides her great pleasure and is eager to portray her feelings through it. She has held many solo and group exhibitions throughout Mexico.

In this, her latest exhibit Aileen Romano, will allow you to experience new pictorial, her philosophy of the soul will catch with an aspect, sheen, luster, the harmonious shapes located to move in a dancing kind of way, permanent wave and gradation tonality cause a sensation of movement that invites the spectator to be and feel free.

With faithful ties to her education as a graphic designer, her paintings portray a aesthetic flavor that reminds us of textile design, harmonious, beautiful and simply decorative arts.

Her wide palette varies from soft tones mallow, greens jade, the coldness of cobalt, contrasting with the power of the siennas and the umbers, the contrasts between these give a currently taste of freshness, its simplicity unique in the choosing of one and only size, in which she pretends to take the spectator through a journey of infinite possibilities, using the same ingredients, the same fragrances, the same passion.

Captive beauty, you can see trough her paintings how she is, how she involve, how she express.

Find more on Facebook: Arte Aileen